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Sea Scooters

Who hasn’t dreamed about gliding through the water without having to do anything? Accelerate with speed and being effortless like a fish. Clever engineers worked on the idea and the 007 movies were the first to feature dive propulsion units. Now these units are available at a half way affordable price and ISail was the first Whitsunday charter boat company to have them available.

Not using your arms and feet increases your lung capacity and dive time. Plus the speed of the seascooter lets you get down quicker. With safety features including auto shut-off, dual-trigger control and neutral buoyancy you can feel at ease. You can even use it to snorkel together.

*Please note, that the main part of our product is the boat tour (onboard accommodation and catering, qualified crew, National Park visit). The watersports equipment aboard is complimentary. While the vast majority of our tours use the watersports equipment, they can be subject to weather conditions, personal ability and condition of the equipment.